BRDTF Makes Bust

Buffalo Ridge Drug Task Force Makes Bust!

According to a press release from Troy Appel, the Buffalo Ridge Drug Task Force Commander, the BRDTF, Murray's County Sheriff's Office, and the Slayton Police Department executed a search warrant Tuesday, June 26th.

This search warrant was executed at 2401 20th St in Slayton. As a result, task force agents seized 112 marijuana plants, 14 firearms, a useable quantity of suspected methamphetamine, several grams of suspected synthetic cannabinoids, drug paraphernalia, and other miscellaneous items.

Consequently, one adult male susepect was arrested for fifth-degree controlled susbstance possession and meth crimes related to children.

More information will be available after charges have been filed, for as of June 27th, no charging decisions have been made.

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